Seven Ways to Personalize Your Office Desks

Come to think of it, a person spends more time at work than his own home specifically, seated behind his office desk. Your desk becomes your home away from home, your refuge in the urbanized jungle. But your office desk, like all other office desks, is company-issued standard office furniture that brandishes uniform design, color and material.  Nothing homey about office desks sporting colors like dull grey, bleak black, boring white or the reliable brown.  However, you can bring some zing from your home to your work place by way of personalizing your office desk with your favorite things which may inspire you to turn-out your best work yet. Just do not go overboard.  Keep it simple.  Remember that it is still your office and not your home.

1.      Framed Photos of Family and Friends

A no-brainer.  This precious item would surely put a stamp on your office desk making it your very own.  Seeing familiar faces smiling back at you will make all the slaving away and time away from home worthwhile.  Hey!  You may also have a photo of your feline or canine best friend.  Whatever you feel works for you.

2.      Visionary Board

It makes your goals visually attainable.  As the experts say, think it, live it and visualize it and good things will start to happen.

3.  Comfy Pillow

A great accessory to make your 5-minute power naps more comfortable.  Nothing beats to cushion your head against a hard surface with a soft, small pillow.  Plus, it can also double as a great back rest to support your aching back muscles while sitting behind your office desk,  busily attending to loads of paper works.

4.  Mementos

Souvenirs from your travels or trinkets from special moments in your life will definitely bring sunshine to your day.

5.  Mirror

No one wants to speak to a disheveled office worker.  A quick glance on a table top mirror will make sure that you are ready to face your boss or clients with authority and confidence.

6.  Potted Plant

Small, pretty and sweet smelling plants add freshness to office desks.

7.  Candy Mint Jar

Great item for office desks. It is advisable to use transparent or glass containers to emphasize the mints’ pretty wrappers.  Popping a few pieces of mints in your mouth will take the stale breath away.  Other sweet treats are most welcome.

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3 Responses to “Seven Ways to Personalize Your Office Desks”

  1. MsLane says:

    It may seem a little unimportant but I think its a really good idea to put a bit of personality and comfort into your workspace, however you choose to do it depends on taste but don’t just keep it dull and work related.

  2. Winters says:

    A mirror might not be something you should place on top of your desk as you might get a bit of a reputation for vanity, but it isn’t a bad idea to pop one in your drawer if you aren’t too close to a bathroom or any other mirror.

  3. OfficeSlave says:

    it might be underrated but having a pillow on your seat can add a lot more comfort, especially if you are sat at a desk all day! it’s a good piece of advice and it can often offer a bit more back support too.

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